Catch Harry's music on Radio Airplay (Jango).

Harry has over 1000 first time fans of his music and out of those another 400 are fans of multiple songs. Harry finally received knee surgery and will be back playing in about two months. So go out and catch him in Austin at one of the many clubs where Harry will play his strong original songs.

Uptempo Rockers and some ballads that will wake up a crowd, not put them to sleep, with the same mid tempo strum, rocker beat or the same lyrical pieces by the Nashville song mills that sound like so many other songs. "Big Mike Rugen" Consultant / Engineerfor Rugen Songs

This Web Site is designed for acts or artists who need a song or two to upgrade their live sets or their CD with up-tempo, crowd moving, memorable songs.

I have played in various settings -- from the mellow coffee houses of New Mexico to Hell-raising, rowdy Rock bars. I have also played in numerous studio settings.

In each venue, even though I consider myself to have only average vocals, my songs were crowd pleasers. I learned by hard-earned, live experience, where you not only had to be good, you had to bring in consistent crowds on a nightly basis as well.

On this Site are songs that could help make a band's set fly or that could strengthen a band's CD. My songs have intensity and lyrics which crowds pick up on.

I would prefer working with one or two groups or artists helping them to achieve critical and commercial success.

I am open to changing my songs if doing so will make them a better fit to a specific band or artist.

With a little tinkering, almost all of my songs could be sung by a female vocalist. See FEMALE ROCK SONGS.

Thanks, hope you find the site helpful
Harry Leidel

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